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I just can't put someone like Kramer in there and leave Emerson out. Emerson beat Laver in two of those slams finals, that's convincing enough that he's a top level player. Hoad and Kramer I find overrated, would never put them in a top 20 list.
Emerson beat Laver in the amateurs and Rod became better than Emerson while still in the amateur. Laver improved immensely in the pros when he took on Rosewall, Hoad, Gonzalez, Gimeno, Sedgman among others. Emerson won all his majors during the era that pros weren't allowed to enter the majors. I doubt if he would have had 12 majors won if Open tennis was around.

Kramer was in my opinion clearly ahead of Emerson. He dominated the pros for a number of years winning tours over Riggs, Gonzalez, Sedgman, Segura. Many of the pros who played him rank him as the best or among the best they have played. These people include Gonzalez, Segura and Sedgman. Sedgman for example I believe ranked Kramer as the best player he faced and ranked Kramer's serve and Gonzalez's serve about equal. At his best Kramer was incredible.
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