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I have always been curious why some people like MTM (and I don't mean people on the inside). I think I have an insight into this. A couple of us have been trying to teach a guy at the club to hit with topspin (case of the blind leading the blind probably but that is OK). He is my age, and a very tall and large person. He is a regular doubles player in USTA 4.0 leagues but sometimes plays singles 4.0 leagues as well. He has a hard flat first serve which is a product of brute force, and a dinky second serve, horrible backhand (first had 1 hander, then 2 hander, now both screwed).

He just cannot hit topspin. Then I realized he has always had only a forehand slice. Sometimes it is hit hard with a slight open face and not an obvious slice, but still open face it is. His basic problem is he has never hit with a closed face on the forehand.

Then the truth dawned on me. The guys who cannot play the modern tennis topspin game could never play the classical game either. They are basically hacks who survive at the 4.0 level with dinky strokes, craftiness, quick reflexes, and excellent court sense and mental strength (not choking).

I think a person who can play correct classical strokes (flatter forehand, mostly closed or neutral stance, finish till the left forehead, serve and volley) can easily incorporate more topspin, open stance, across finish, baseline grind as he has the fundamentals down.

But those who never had the fundamentals right but have been hacking away for decades will think that "modern instruction" is great as compared to their "classical" style which was actually "no" style. And they will become fanatical about the improvement of the game due to the teaching.
Nope, you still don't get it. But, you don't really want to, do you?
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