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Your last question first. Elite women run what at the 100? Maybe 10.8 seconds? The elite men run in the higher 9's.
I think there are some 40 year old men who can run in the high 10's, yes. Not every single 40 year old male, but the ones who still have some snap left in their legs.
Yes, it's hard to get to net on THEIR serves. On yours, it should be 80% and pretty easy, if you have a serve! Now if you push the ball in at 90 mph, top/slice it only to one spot, where they can step in, turn, and hit it, you cannot, and I cannot, successfully get to net.
On their serves, you have to play the short angles, the wide angles, the drop shot/lob combos, and play almost ANYTHING but baseline topspin tennis. You play the baseline topspin game if you're good at it, or if you want to sacrifice a few points hoping for an opening, but once that opening..their errors..happen and it get's to ad yours, you play MY game, not yours.
My game is all net play when I serve. You can pass me clean 3 times on my serve, and the game is not over until I make 2 stupid mistakes. S/V is all about forgetting your opponent's lucky winners, mishits, or your own stupid shots (which I can do pretty regularly), but to play the overall percentages....and that percentage is, an athletic GUY can outquick a trained woman.
He cannot hope to outhit that woman. He might overpower her on a FEW shots, but they have to be on his choosing. Play her game, it's bagels and breadsticks very quickly. Play the all court man's game, it can come down to who executes the big shots at the right time.
Playing a top level woman is more like playing an accomplished counter puncher man than anything else. You do get beat on a few points, but overall, you beat yourself by allowing her to move you around.
Don't allow it, move her first, and move her often.
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