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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post

I think a person who can play correct classical strokes (flatter forehand, mostly closed or neutral stance, finish till the left forehead, serve and volley) can easily incorporate more topspin, open stance, across finish, baseline grind as he has the fundamentals down.

But those who never had the fundamentals right but have been hacking away for decades will think that "modern instruction" is great as compared to their "classical" style which was actually "no" style. And they will become fanatical about the improvement of the game due to the teaching.
pretty well said. and closed stance is not something biomechanically inferior or incorrect as some MTMers believe. any pro who uses E grip style can hit a fh in closed stance just as well as they do in open stance. fed and berdych are good examples. SW grip is good in generating lots of topspin but only in open stance and is quite limited to that.

It's actually the same principle how 2hbh is hit in closed stance.

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