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Default Racquet for POG OS lovers?

I've mostly used the Prince Original Graphite OS for the last few years. Love it.

Thinking of buying some other racquets, for two reasons:
  1. POG OS is hard to get right now and I am down to one.
  2. I have been playing more flat/classic and attacking the net (vs. former style of heavy spin from the baseline) and for me the POG OS is not the best volleying racquet (I know, Annacone played S&V with it and kicked butt, but it doesn't work for me).

Love the FEEL of the POG. Good weight and balance for me, good medium stiffness. If anything on the stiffness front I would go softer. Generally stringing with full syngut or gut.

Definitely want an open string pattern.

Open to all grip pallet shapes.

Want a headsize 90-100.

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