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It is possible that low testosterone levels are related to a decrease in the production of Pregnenolone and DHEA from the adrenal glands. These hormone levels usually peak in the mid 20s and then drop off as we age. Supplementation of Preg and DHEA have been prescribed for some health issues. However, I believe, there has not been much study done on long-term supplementation of these hormones.

Probably the best way to test for Preg/DHEA levels is to test for the levels of DHEA Sulfate (DHEAS) in the body. This can achieved with either testing of blood/plasma or saliva. Testosterone can also be check with blood or saliva testing. Not certain if one is considered significantly more reliable than the other. Here is the view of a doctor with an integrative medicine bias:

If you decide to use Preg and DHEA supplements, be sure to have your DHEAS and testosterone levels checked periodically. While many of these supplements will not affect affect Preg, DHEA and testosterone levels in the blood very much, some will have a very profound effect on some users.

Hormone delivery thru the digestion system is not a natural process. Many supplement users will derive very little benefit from ingesting many of the DHEA products on the market because of this. Some versions of DHEA supplements will be assimilated better than others. Sublingual Pregnenolone is one way to effective increase Preg, DHEA and testosterone levels. DHEA or Preg creams can also be very effective.

Care should be taken to ensure that testosterone levels, esp DHT levels, do not get too high. Very high T or DHT levels can result in prostate issues. Here is a bit more on saliva testing. (Note that the 2nd link is a manufacturer who is pushing their own testosterone products).
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