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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Strange how I can't run, can't jog, my knee snaps when I walk (limp around), yet when riding the bikes, I can go close to 40 miles training once every two weeks, and everything seems just fine. My butt hurts (even with the best riding pants), my neck hurts, and my triceps hurt, but the legs only get tired normally.
Cycling is low impact on the legs and is often the first part of rehab from knee surgery. If your knees do hurt (tendonitis), the rule is:

-- if the pain is in the front kneecap, you're seat is too low
-- if the pain is in the back of the knee, you're seat is too high.

As for your other body parts, it sounds like you are too stretched out on your bike: (1) either seat height vs handlebar height is too great a disparity; and/or (2) handlebars are too far away.

As for your tush, you might need to try a different seat. Initially it will hurt until you ride regularly. But there is no best seat - one man's pleasure is another man's pain -- and is a bit of trial and error. Also, some seats feel great until you get into long rides (40+ miles). Some bike shops have demo models to try on your bike - Specialized dealers used to have such a program but I don't know if they still do. Once you find a saddle that works, I have always bought extras to use on all my bikes (I've got and in case they break and become discontinued (they invariably do).

FWIW, I've ridden (and formerly raced at amateur level) road bikes for over 25 years.
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