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I play with the 16x19 version and I HATED it the very first time I used it.

I was soooo disappointed because expected so much out of the hype of it when it came out.

However, the next day, I played a whole tournament with it in doubles and did VERY well with it! I was coming from the PDGT and looking for a little more control. The racket was heavier than the PDGT, however it felt much lighter on serves and overheads and I was ripping those like no tomorrow with the Speed. The extended length made it that much better for those shots and took a bit of getting used to for some others, however I really like the racket now.

added a leather grip and the grip feels very very nice. Strings were a pain in the butt to figure out, but found my Ideal set up where they play great until they break.

Really really like this racket after over 1.5 years playing HS and now on campus college tennis! considering getting some more when they go on sale when the new Speeds come out! I may try the 18x20 just to compare and see if I'm missing out.
Graphene Speed Pro BHSR 17g /OGSM 18g@ 54lbs Head Leather grip, Yonex Super Grap.
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