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If we're going to simply talk about strokes and leave out every aspects of the game from the baseline
Wasn't doing that at all, I just think Agassi's advantages from the back of the court makes up for the advantages Federer had. I'm disregarding serve and net play because they have little to do with how they match up at the baseline.

then I would say Safin. At their best, Safin beat Agassi. His power makes the difference. He was the one who could sneak a win over prime Federer in 2005.
I don't get what point you're making. Safin at his best was a virtuoso from the baseline, but he was far too inconsistent to merit a comparison as somebody who consistently out-gunned Agassi (which tended to happen near the end of Agassi's career, obviously). Peak Safin would deserve a comparison though, no doubt.

Agassi never beat Fed again at the end of 2003
So? He was 34 years old and gave Federer all he could handle two consecutive years at the Open. I mean all the credit to Federer dominating Agassi, who was still a formidable player (not a broken back cripple like some people make him out to be), but I don't think it's all that surprising.
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