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I would love to see Serena vs some top junior male player, just to see where the level of both is - top WTA players and top boys. Fact is that in last decade the difference between men and women become probably even bigger than ever before, because of physicality of this sport.

Top juniors can probably serve at speed of Serena, maybe even harder, the question is placement - Serena has great placement and great toss-hard to read, so that makes her serve best in womenīs history, but thatīs it her power on strokes is unique on WTA - only few women can keep up with her, but even young male player - like 17-18th year old should have enough power to go toe-to-toe with her and than there is speed-stamina - thatīs where i think any young male player should have addvantage, especially in speed-movement area, Serena is not best mover, she is big, any good athlete-would give back balls any WTA player couldnīt + thanks to movement, footwork and speed would be in better position, better timing, playing agressive and so on.

I would love to see such match just to see how it goes.
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