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Originally Posted by tennis_balla View Post
So you should be thanking them lol.
Why should Limpin be thankful? While he acknowledges MTM has some good attributes,
he has never thought of himself as a MTM'er that I know of. I appreciate his
willingness to admit our good points and also to challenge the ideas he differs on.
Limpin, of course correct me If I'm wrong on this.

I on the other hand, have thanked the guys like sureshs many times, as he and
others make many comments that allow me to illustrate how it works and can
help player's games to improve. I like that they keep up the conversation, not
because of any financial reasons, but that I get the chance to share better tennis
with others that come here to look for tips and instruction. That is what this forum
is for, right? If someone buys a book from Nick, Vic, Oscar, or Dave because of
the discussion,...good for the seller whoever that is. I just like to hear about
those enjoying and playing better tennis.
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