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Trying to PT your way out of overuse conditions is a tricky business. I had a several year battle with Achilles Tendinosis, and was was finally successful with eccentric PT only after stopping playing for several months, and waiting until the pain and inflammation was under control. I think timing is important here, especially so for those of us who's day jobs also has us doing upper body repetitive motion stuff.

Question for those who have used the flex bar with success: did you begin to use it when there was pain present, or did you begin only after the pain was diminished?


- Jack
I began doing the "Tyler Twist" exercise 5 days ago when pain was present. My surgery (tendonosis) to remove scar tissue was scheduled for November 5th. I have suffered for going on a year. I am up to two sets of 20 a day with the red and called to cancel the surgery. I am a 53 year old teaching pro with my first case of TE. Sure glad a student bought this great device and showed me the twist!! He actual got the technique wrong, so go online to watch the video of the proper form.
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