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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
That might be true, but is that your ONLY factor for ranking greats. For instance I know you said you thought Venus Williams would beat Steffi Graf at their best once, but despite that opinion surely you dont rank Venus anywhere near the same rank in history as Graf.
It's not my only criteria. Getting in to my top 10 requires a great record ab initio. But, I list who I think are the 10 best players on an absolute basis, adjusting for equipment. Level of play has to count for something. Borg's record as a whole doesn't measure up to Rosewall's record in most statistics. But, I think Borg was a genuine 1st tier all time great. I don't think Rosewall was. Agassi is a closer call. But, again, I don't see Rosewall having a winning record against Agassi on any surface except the old soft, fast, grass at the USO, and maybe the old Wimbledon grass, maybe not. On hard courts or clay, I think Agassi's return and ground game and passing shots overpower Rosewall with the exception being a day that Rosewall is at his best and Agassi is not.

As for V. Williams and Graf, I think I said that V. Williams best was a higher level of play than Graf's best. That doesn't mean that V. Williams would have a winning record over Graf. Graf was a more versatile, more consistent competitor, probably because of better health throughout her career. If I include an equal number of matches on 3 surfaces, I might have to give the edge to Graf.
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