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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Unless it hits the service line, skidds up to about ankle heights, and goes sideways as well as forwards.
A strong slice, lower than 1.5' over the net, can do this.
That sounds like a failed dropshot attempt to me and would certainly be a "sitter" in most cases provided the person has seen the shot coming (high take back) and doesnt have mobility issues.

Even at my level, dropshots need to be pretty good to be winners and slices need to be pretty deep in the court and low bouncing.

Anytime a drop shot isnt stuck well its almost an automatic loss of point. That's the gamble with droppers. If your opponent gets to the ball they have a lot of open court from being so close to the net regardless of where you're standing in the court.

And, well, if you can count hitting the line as intentional, I guess that shot would be a nice offensive winner.
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