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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
Nope, you still don't get it. But, you don't really want to, do you?
You are likely right that he doesn't get it,....but
Hey, I think he inadvertently got a lot right in the quotes from him below.

**They are basically hacks who survive at the 4.0 level with dinky strokes, craftiness, quick reflexes, and excellent court sense and mental strength (not choking).**
Yes, basically hacks that tried to make classic work as actually taught and often
too disciplined to make the adjustments required to make it work. I mean, the
crafty player, with quick reflexes and excellent court sense/mental strength is
clearly quite an athlete who does more than survive. Me for example, played
several undefeated seasons at 4.0 & A level ALTA before getting bumped to
4.5 and then playing 2 for 2 undefeated seasons at 4.5 in one of the toughest
regions of the country. All this was done before getting USTPA certified or
hearing of MTM...where my game really took off...well into my 40s!
He goes on to say
*I think a person who can play correct classical strokes can easily incorporate more topspin, SW grip, open stance, across finish, baseline grind *
Yes, maybe because this is a person who has shown the ability to make the required
adjustments over time playing as a Jr or maybe just more of a visual learner vs
the actual instruction of classic.
and says-
*will think that "modern instruction" is great as compared to their "classical" style . And they will become fans about the improvement of the game due to the teaching.*
Yes, this group can now actually have instruction that can be followed to
successful result without contradicting itself, gross adjustment and is quite impressed
the simplicity of it all; especially after years of frustration with poor instruction. Yes, I shortened his comments to remove the worse mistakes and

All in all, as sureshs tried to insult MTMers as hard learners, but he illustrates that
even hard learners can do well in MTM! so just think how it can help those he
considers more talented or that learn differently.
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