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LeeD can attest to my service motion which is very smooth. My dad always taught me that the serve has to be a dance, nice, slow and smooth motion till your accelerate to the point of contact.

It also helps me catch bad tosses from either being lazy or windy conditions.

Posting a video is the only way to help you.

I see a ton of people who have good serves (get them in a fair amount of the time) but ugly technique will eventually get you no where and when you are in a jam and down break point, will get you in trouble.

Smooth and consistent motion will give you that (Street Fighter term called Hit Confirm) which gives your mind the okay of
  1. consistent toss
  2. correct trophy pose
  3. proper timing for acceleration
Otherwise its bad serves over and over, inconsistent play, puts too much pressure for you to hold and break. etc.
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