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Originally Posted by lefty10spro View Post
I began doing the "Tyler Twist" exercise 5 days ago when pain was present. My surgery (tendonosis) to remove scar tissue was scheduled for November 5th. I have suffered for going on a year. I am up to two sets of 20 a day with the red and called to cancel the surgery. I am a 53 year old teaching pro with my first case of TE. Sure glad a student bought this great device and showed me the twist!! He actual got the technique wrong, so go online to watch the video of the proper form.
I found the online format totally overdone, so made up my own. You can get more twist by using an "undergrip" with the non-injured hand. Also, there is absolutely no reason for that convoluted sideways alignment.

1) Just keep the bar flat.
2) Twist with non-injured arm.
3) Untwist injured arm.
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