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Originally Posted by Evan77 View Post
all good points, nothing really to disagree with you, we are all just speculating here, except I wouldn't say that Nole was lucky to win Wimbledon. He had to def. Tsonga (who managed to def. Roger) and Nadal in the final. Novak won Wimbledon fair and square.

However, it's more likely that Djokovic can win another Wimbledon than Murray winning RG IMHO. I do think that Murray will reach QF at RG, and if the draw opens, possibly semis.
Maybe i use bad word, but i meant for Nole i feel it was 2011 Wimby or never, he will be making SF´s at Wimby in future he is to good for most guys, but grass is his worst surface and now with roof-with indoor grass tournament.. it won´t be easier for him to get 2nd Wimby for sure.Agree that more likely Nole will win 2nd than Murray RG. I would say Nole has little chance to win Wimby agian and Murray never will win RG. Maybe Andy will have fantastic HC season+Wimby and won´t need those additional points from clay season but with the way of today´s top guys - HC is just surface where everyone can play so it is almost impossible to dominate HC- but Roger did it and Nole did it until he was injured, so maybe Andy can surprise us all, but little chance to happen for this.
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