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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Nadal leads the head-to-head against:

Federer 18-10 (8-2 in majors)
Djokovic 19-14 (6-3 in majors)
Murray 13-5 (6-2 in majors)

Nadal has the most ridiculous clay-court dominance, and has also won the career Grand Slam. He also had a period of winning 8 titles in 4 months from April to August 2008.
Impressive as these feats might be, given the context of this thread, this really begs for the question: So what? (I don't see the OP as a worthy discussion)

The main discussion about Federer and Nadal will always see people who are dancing around their h2h, and those who claim h2h does not necessarily make a player better, or the best. I myself support the latter view.
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