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how long did it take your serve to mature to the level of your groundies? I play on weekends only, and my serve is always my weak point. Sometimes, my flat serves and topspin serves are just "on"; I get aces left and right. Other times, I get 1 serve in, and all the other ones are double faults. It is really bad when the first serve goes into the net or long 90% of the time and the second serve is almost slower than my groundstrokes. Nevermind serving to the backhand/forehand, or slice/topspin. I'm more worried about simply getting the ball in. I've thought about just practing my serve for a couple of hours to improve my consistency until something clicks, and I start serving consistently. In the mean time, I'm just wondering how other people have developed their serves over time.
It's not that complicated. Hitting a serve is based on throwing mechanics, except, your spine is tilted back and you release upward, not forward. However, the single most important factor in acheiving a consistent, reliable serve that you can locate where you want is a reliable repeatable toss. You have to be able to place the ball in the same box in the air the same way every time. Anyway, below are some excellent online service lessons. They focus on the throwing mechanics not the toss. But, they should be very enlightening.
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