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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Do you want to start a discussion like my long quarrels with Lobb and Limpinhitter?

I guess I will not learn in the rest of my life that you accept that Vines won more majors than Jan Kodes and that he won on two surfaces just like Kodes did.

I'm a rather old "kind" with my 63 years.... But you make me feel a bit younger! Thanks.
You welcome.When yopu donīt get so keyed up on Rosewall ( who is one of the very best players I have seen), you are a nice poster with good sense of humour.I donīt think Lobb has that sense of humour, which is rare since Hoad was a really nice, well spirited guy.

One day we should open a thread with the best players with the greatest sense of humour.There are a few others than Nastase.
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