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Originally Posted by Romismak View Post
Based on stats he is up there with Agassi, hard to tell, but it is easier to return serves in this era than it was before, bu he is top 3 for sure, he is i believe best 1st serve returner. Andre was small guy and prone to be aced a lot and Nole is not such great 1st serve returner how people thinks - those guys were great at 2nd serves, agressive returners, while Andy is able to give back anything on 1st serve, but too passiv on 2nd serves.
No it's not. These days, nobody really charges the net. Agassi looked good because he faced guys like Stich, Ivanisevic and Becker, who would rush the net after the served and it would come back just as fast, so they would naturally miss the point whenever Agassi got a good return. These days, getting a good return back doesn't help you as much because the servers stay behind and it's much harder to hit outright return winners or forced errors with your return.

His return would look a lot less devastating if his opponents stayed behind.
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