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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
Yes, basically hacks that tried to make classic work as actually taught
No, not hacks who were actually taught, but hacks who either were not taught or took lessons with no result, but just for the sake of taking them (and maybe to get fit or whatever, nothing wrong with that). Only people who do not have any form are unable to adapt to anything, even if they have been seeing it around them for 20 years. That, plus a complete lack of curiosity. I actually knew a woman who had been taking lessons for 3 years but would not slice because her coach told her she was not ready to learn it. She actually believed it.

In this particular case of the guy who approached me for instruction in topspin, he has purchased a $1600 ball machine and gotten "serious." Apparently, his seriousness was driven by observing the daughter of the other guy who has gone off to college last month on a tennis scholarship. He finally realized that people are not hitting forehands the way he is doing it.

I didn't tell him, but I should have said: Haven't you played against me a 100 times over the years? Did you not see that every shot I hit is with topspin? Go take some lessons from 5263 who will package it under modern tennis and you will have the pleasure of paying him
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