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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
It's too bad I bought my stringer right before Gamma upgraded their brake. I've done the ports before and just use the hip method. At least the Exo Tour has 2 less cross strings than the 7G.

I think the ports allow you to swing faster but it could be my imagination.
Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
They do. That stick feels really good and solid too. I had trouble getting the tension right when I strung it ,but it is a little tricky on my stringway with O Ports. Half of the hitting partners and coaches I saw at the Sony were using the EXO tour because it is so comfortable.
Agreed. I haven't quite found a mid or MP yet that swings as quicky through the contact as swiftly as the 2009 Rebels. Same with other racket lines as well. Take rackets with similar specs to any of the speed ports and the princes will swing lighter without feeling like a toy. Makes me miss it slightly, but I might just end up weighting up my RDiS 200's.
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