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Maybe I'll try Polytour one of these days. But I have a bunch of PS Energy to make my way through first!
I strung up my racquet yesterday with PS Energy, but found that I didn't have enough for the crosses, so I decided to hybrid it with Prince Syn gut with Duraflex. Even after just bouncing a ball off the stringbed a few times, I could immediately tell that it wasn't even HALF as good as a full bed of PS Energy. It was much more crisp, had about the same power, but the control wasn't anywhere near good enough. Also, the feel and touch was completely gone. So I cut them out today and restrung with a full set (got my reel in the mail today) of PS Energy. What a night and day difference! The feel is back, the control and comfort is much, much better.

So I just wanted to convey my experience with a hybrid in this frame. For those of you who have only tried PS Energy in a hybrid, you're really missing the boat. A full bed is the only way to go.
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