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Originally Posted by JW10S View Post
And no, I don't teach to swing down the target line, nor do I teach to 'pull across'. In typical MTM fashion you seem to believe it can only be one or the other--but you're so wrong. As I've said many times there is more than one way to effectively hit a tennis ball, some of which you apparently know nothing about.
No, Pathetic is coming on a tips site and never sharing...especially from one who
claims to know so much. No much good to tell what is wrong if you can't say
what is right.
Of course if you actually share something, everyone can see that you likely have
nothing as special as you claim while slinging insults to others from the sidelines.

Again you give more mis-info that I "think it can be done only one way".
I just mentioned in another post how there are many ways to hit the ball.
I had you figured for someone who claimed to be a version of modern.

I'd love to see if you have anything of note as would others who come here to learn.
I share a lot here and learn much as well.
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