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Originally Posted by smirker View Post
Tony, for a 100" Yonex what tension do you recommend for PS Energy?
Well, I fully admit that I'm no expert on 100" frames. I've always played with mids between 89 and 93 sq. in. But I'd say you should start somewhere in the middle of the recommended tension range on the frame. Maybe 54 lb?

Personally, I love playing with poly at low tensions. Right now I'm using an 89 sq. in. frame (Yonex) with PS Energy at 30 lb. I previously used a 93 sq. in. Donnay frame strung with Tour Bite at 35 lb.

I had a friend try my racquet who normally plays a 98 sq. in frame at 56-58 lb. with poly/syn gut hybrid. He said there was no adjustment at all and he really liked playing with my racquet. So, don't be fooled by the low tension thinking that it's uncontrollable. It's not. It plays just like a regular setup, only it's more comfortable and has a bit more power.

Anyway, I've never tried PS Energy at any tension above 42 lb., so I can't say if 54 lb. is good in your 100" Yonex frame. Give it a try, that's all I can suggest.
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