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I've know a number of old time experts do believe Serena at her best could be the best of all and I also believe that is possible.

However Serena, aside from the majors hasn't done nearly as much as many of these players. I don't think she had any shot to surpass Court, Graf among others. Look at Navratilova. She's won 167 tournaments and 18 majors. Her winning percentage I believe for her career is around 87%! I believe Serena has won over 40 tournaments in her career with a much lower winning percentage than Navratilova. Serena does have a good chance in my opinion to catch Navratilova as far as majors are concerned if she stays healthy.
if Serena reaches 20 majors IMO she is the hands down best ever. In reality Navratilova, Evert, Wills, Graf, and Court all have roughly 18 or 19 majors if you deduct the extra slams Graf gained by the Seles stabbing and Court gained by the phony Australian Open of the 60s, so she would have the most majors in history. That combined with clearly the highest level play even considering the era she plays in (excluding clay), already the most longevity of any women player in history, having no losing or equal head to heads vs any key rivals which isnt true of any other great in history, and dominating by far the toughest womens field in history in the 99-2003 period, is more than enough.
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