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Default What's the next step, if I find current n.gut/poly hybrid too powerful

Hey guys,

After reading some excellent reviews on natural gut / poly hybrids, I decided to break open my thin wallet and try it out. To avoid investing too much into it, I decided to go with a pre-packaged Klip X-Plosive 17 (Klip Legend & Klip K-Boom), strung on my Dunlop 4D 100 at 57/52lb.

I have an eastern forehand grip and one-handed backhand. I'm a hard hitter but hit mostly flat, and thus I am not a serious string breaker. I do go for hard spin serves, which is usually how I break my strings. I typically come from poly/synthetics or full bed of synthetics at around 52-57lb range (you can tell I'm not too fussy with my string set-ups).

Unfortunately it's been raining a lot here in Ithaca, so I could only clock in 3 hours with my new set-up. My initial impression concurs with many reviews on this forum: comfortable, powerful, and lots of spin. I like everything about it except that it's just a bit too powerful for me. My groundies were OK but deep volleys suffered. I would definitely like to try this set-up again next time round, but I'd like to know what I can tweak to lower power a little.

1. Should I try increasing tension for one/both of the strings? I'm curious to try natural gut strung at 60lb+, but I'm concerned about either (i) increasing poly tension beyond low 50's or (ii) having a large tension gap between mains and crosses.

2. Should I try a less powerful poly as a cross?

Any thoughts and inputs are appreciated. For now, I'll spend more time with it and try to get used to its high power, and if I can't adjust well I may add in some string savers to increase tension a little.
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