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I’m sorry for pushing this button once again. But maybe the strings?
I’m telling you this because I almost pulled the trigger on a exo3 tour 16x18 myself, but forced me to make an experiment first. Like I said in the past, I was getting wrist and elbow pain form the pros pro hitec multifiber… how was this possible right? The clone string of the MCS, THE most comfortable multi out there. My feelings was that it could not bet the same string, and know I know why.

Has you point, and rightly so, the construction of the string is, in fact, an exact copy of the mantis, but there is a faint difference. Not in the core wrap, that much I believe to be the same filament, but the goo substance that coats the string.
The smell is close, but not the same, the feeling is close at first, but then a drastic change happens over time. In the pros pro, the goo starts to fade away and the string remains playable, but it gets stiff as nails. Trying to move it with my fingers I get that plastic scratch feeling that I don’t like, and the string just becomes super uncomfortable, thus the wrist and elbow paint started.

My experiment was

2x head radical lite with full bed of pros pro HM and another with full bed of MCS at 22kg

2x Pro Kennex Redondo mid with full bed of both the pros pro and the mantis at 20kg

2 full weeks for both strings, playing and teaching every day (3/5 hours)

At the 2 weeks mark, the pros pro was getting my rested arm pain once again.. once moving to the mantis, after its 2 weeks trial the pain was disappearing by the hour (as the playability of the string) but it was definitely saving my arm. I cut the pros pro about a month ago already, and my pain is now but a faint muscle memory.

You have been using the iontec string lately do you not? You should be aware if it reaaaaly the same as the signum pro string…

Just saying… a string change (from its own clone string) saved my arm and my wallet.

That said, again the pros pro string is not a bad string, I gave me wrist and arm pain, but that was me, for someone that likes a firmer feel, just be sure to cut it out BEFORE its gets uncomfortable for you.

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