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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
...but even the latter is worse than Agassi's, if we can trust a certain poster...
Agassi´s second only to Connors for two handed backhands.Borg,Mc Millan,Browmich,Bruguera,Djokovic are also excellent tough not as good as Connors and agassi strokes IMO.

Rosewall´s one handed was considered not only the best ever for long time, but one of those historical shots like Gonzales serve and Tilden forehand.

However,Laver,Edberg,Budge could have been as good if not better in terms of raw power.Ashe,Kodes,Orantes,Vilas,Kuerten,Korda, Lutz/Stolle/Becker on the return of serve,Pietrangeli and a few others were also excellent stuff.
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