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Default achieving and maintaining "god mode"

I had a match this evening and was in my personal "god mode" for the first set and a half. You know what I'm talking about: aces left and right, backhand winners down the line, and I did whatever the hell I wanted with my forehand. I'm a decently respectable 4.0 and it was a real joy to be out there hitting balls like that. I couldn't possibly have done any better and I'm thrilled to death to have been able to do that well and come up with some shots I didn't know I was capable of.

I lost the match.

I won the first set 6-2 and was up a break in the second set, then had break points to go up a double break. I got cocky, didn't take either of them, and then went on to drop my serve. The second set evaporated and we proceeded into a 10 pt tiebreak to determine the match.

I lost it 10-8

The point of this post is to reflect on what I did right in the first set and wrong in the second set. I think every player has one of those days, whatever your level is, where you play at 150% capacity (if you'll pardon the expression). When you achieve this rare and coveted level it is very important to keep your head together and stay the course. Do not get cocky. Don't start thinking "I wonder how long I can keep this up." Just keep it together, keep doing exactly what you are doing, keep the pressure up, and stay confident.

It really hurt to lose this match but in the end it was my own damn fault. (With respect to my opponent of course, who kept his head together and didn't "go away" mentally despite my onslaught. He stayed the course, kept doing what was working, and let me self destruct.) I'm going to rest a day or two and then hit the courts again knowing that I am capable of playing far better than my usual level, and try to make today's "god mode" the norm.

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