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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post


That's funny because all 3 of the frames you've name-checked have appealed to me and I've been interested in before. If you don't mind, could you pass a few brief comments on how these all match up IYO, like most powerful, best feel, best spin, etc. Thx

Volkl>Extreme 2.0>400T
400T>Volkl> Extreme

Really splitting hairs on all three categories. They are all very similar. The Extreme really excels in plow through and comfort so would actually be the winner for me overall. The 400T is a real sleeper but I did have a little stability issue with this as it has a very low swing weight. This racquet screams out for lead and once applied is a very special stick. The only problem I found was that in order to get plow up to my liking the power level becomes a little too much for me. If I was to venture a guess on which one you would like the most, I would say it would be the Volkl. Similar crisp feel to the APD (without being an arm shredder), is a spin monster, serves like Pure Drive.
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