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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
kiki, I reealized that we had a long stretch of posts as I had with Dan Lobb and a certain poster, but our's was a bit more friendly.

I admire Rosewall's backhand. I possess his matches against Newcombe at Wimbledon (1970) and against Smith in the 1974 Wimbledon and can see some wonderful backhands there (effective and aesthetically great).

In 1986 in Austria I saw the Little Master hit three backhands ina row which all touched the opponent's baseline...
One thing I remember is that, after watching a series of those BH, so perfect that Rosewall himself seemed bored, I decided for a game or two close eyes and just listen to the water like sound of his Bh.That was like the finest vibraphone set...listening to the sound, you just realized that a perfectly tamed shot had been produced and delivered.So good was that shot, that it was not only a delight to watch it but also to actually listening to it.
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