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Originally Posted by WoodIndoors View Post
I think I get your point all right, concentrate things you can control, task vs. outcome oriented goals etc...

...but at the same time toughest competitors I know personally are the ones who refuse to lose. To whom winning and losing means absolutely everything (at least until the game is over). In team sports they often are the mvp's. And, believe it or not, their mindset have been more or less the same since childhood. They love winning, absolutely hate losing, and it's the outcome that motivates them most.

When not playing they can be the nicest persons, ready to give a hand for how little reasons (well, they can be quite selfish, ego centered also but not necessarily), but dare to play some game with them...

Is it innate?

Well, majority of elite athletes are not first childs
These are also the little girls who at 12 can't deal with losing and play to win instead of developing weapons for the future.I think it's AWESOME that she is such a fighter but you as the parent have to skate a fine line.Let her know winning doesn't matter if your not building for the future when it really matters. GOOD LUCK WELCOME TO THE BOARD!!!! A lot of good people here.
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