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Originally Posted by THUNDERVOLLEY View Post
Never going to happen. You could lock Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray in a cell for the two weeks of the USO (or any major) and he would still fail.

That is the one constant in his meaningless career.
You are such a hateful person, it gives me a headache.

Why is this individual not banned. Everything he spouts is bile hatred.

Tipsarevic challenged Federer in one of the greatest macthes in history in the AO 2008. Somehow I believe that that is more siginificant than ANYTHING that you will ever achieve in your unimportant existence.

Originally Posted by Vrad View Post
Well said. Honestly, what sort of paychecks do you think Tipsarevic and Simon would be collecting if it wasn't for Federer, Nadal, Murray and Djokovic? Peanuts. The stands would be empty.

Serena, Venus, Sharapova, Clijsters, would fill far more seats than either of these 2 clowns. It is hilarious that they have the gall to complain about other people's undeserved earnings.
Except that he never claimed that HE deserves more money than the likes of Azarenka. This is why I absolutely LOATHE WTA sycophants. Just because their idols have vaginas, they feel to puke bile on a guy like Tipsarevic.

Women, in just about EVERY sport of the world, are worth less than their male counterparts. WTA players deserve equal prizemoney with the ATP about as much as WNBA players deserve as much as NBA players do.

When will you realize that he never claimed that he INDIVIDUALLY deserves more than Serena Williams. (yeah, nice strawman there partner)

Let's abolish joint events. Guess who will gather more fan interest and revenue.

Why do you think that this forum, not exclusively for either ATP or WTA, almost EXCLUSIVELY discusses the ATP?

Originally Posted by THUNDERVOLLEY View Post
Agreed. They come off as the typically bitter sexist whining about a field which is not responsible for either loser suffering from an utter lack of talent, no audience appeal or their apparent failure to work on beating the top players---but that's too much to ask, so they concentrate the ill feelings caused by their own feelings of insignificance on the WTA with go-nowhere theories or fantasties dripping with (among several things) career butthurt.
Djokovic agreed with him.

Does that mean he is also an insignificant human being?

Will your family get murdered if you do something else but post like a vile, hateful human being?

You should also look up the meaning of the word "sexist".

Originally Posted by Seany View Post
If she served well, it's be difficult to break her, no matter who you are, even Djokovic or Fed, doesn't matter what gender you are if there are 120+ mph serves smack on the tee...

1. Players who serve 130, not 120) on the tee consistently STILL get broken. (Raonic)

2. Serena has NEVER average 120 on her first serve. On a good day she will average 110 MPH. Oh and with balls smaller and lighter than the guys use. So if they were to use ATP ball, she would serve slightly better than David Ferrer.
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