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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
See, you guys seem to only think in terms of classic slicing, which does tend to
sit up and needs to be deeper. Look at these modern skidding slice where
the motion is across the ball and 2/3 of them are within a foot or so of
the svc line
....and if these guys can't attack them, who will?
I will be damned if I ever see a slice to slice rally like that in 4.0 (or even 4.5) or below tennis. Those slices are probably traveling faster than your average topspin drive at those levels. That was also a slice to slice exchange from the baseline from players showing a great amount of patience in a point. That level of patience you will not see until high levels of tennis. Remember, those guys can "turn it on" at any point in time. It's not like a 10 moonball exchange at 3.0.

When you see a low level rec player hit a slice that lands towards the baseline, it's not like the few you see in that video from Federer. It's not even close.

People who seem to be slice fanatics cling to a select examples from pros who use the slice a lot. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, someone who can properly execute a slice has many other weapons they can use (like Fed/Youz) and shouldnt be compared to a low level player who only has a slice on their backhand, or carves winners from the baseline with their forehand.

The slice is a fantastic shot if you can do it right. That can be said about any of the shots in tennis. A forehand slice has a place in tennis. All im saying though, is if your forehand slice is your "weapon" then you're not doing it right. When I see threads like this im really hesitant to encourage the use of slice mostly because most people who play tennis on the planet dont even have a topspin backhand to begin with. Some dont even have a topspin forehand. Then they see a thread like this and think their slice is awesome and wont bother learning anything else.
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