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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
I may have to go to Power Player's lab and measure the specs. To me they all feel the same. I can tell the difference between various head guard tapes, so I think I'm pretty sensitive to how the frames feel. If you are interested, I can try and get some measurements for you. I've got 3 of them but I already told a local hitting partner he could buy one.
No worries, man. I wouldn't want to snag more than two, and I might want the weekend to decide if I really want to add those two anyway... And if so, no need to go crazy measuring them out - as long as they feel ok to you and about the same, then that's fine. It's just the last time I bought two 7G used, they arrived to my hand feeling completely different from one another - I instantaneously recognized that one was way more head-heavy than prior 7Gs, and the other way too light. It was an odd, disappointing Wilson-like quality control spec differential, and it was the first time I'd ever had 7Gs that felt that way.

I'll let you know shortly. (if you get a good offer elsewhere, feel free to take it if you haven't heard from me yet)..
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