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yes it's fine overall. i guess.
but i'm trying to push this guy...

You should have your hitting partner let you just practice i/o fh's drills for 10mins. If you don't practice that skill then you will keep doing what you're currently doing. I'll bet 1 10 min session would benefit you.

A few points:
. What I see is that basically you just hit a regular linear momentum fh to the right side of the court. It wasn't an 'inside out' stroke. It looked like a regular fh with your body just pointed to the right side of the court.
I would say that you didn't even hit the inside of the ball right? You hit it straight.

An inside out fh ideally should be hit on the inside of the ball. this will give some outside curve. It should also be hit w/ more laid back wrist than a cc fh and with a later contact point than a cc. but as you can your wrist is in your normal position. The above 2 points also enable you to disguise the shot better. It totally looks like you are going to the ad side so it's telegraphed.

. Another thing I can see, because I've seen all your vids and have mentioned this before, is that I can tell you are doing your 'lateral movement along the baseline only thing'. The court inside the baseline won't burn your feet. It's safe to go there. You like to just go side to side pretty much and don't step inside to cut off the angles or take it on the rise.
The ball that was hit to you here is quite short. We don't see the first bounce and if you didnt hit it would have hit the baseline. That means it was a weak, short, non penetrating ball. You were already close to the doubles alley when the ball was hit to you so you had plenty of time to get in better position for the hit but you stayed behind the baseline until the very last step and hit ball on the way down. I/O's should be taken on the rise if possible.

. Footwork was good and worked fine. But higher level footwork would have been a big split step and a reverse crossover or a split and a shuffle (at an angle into the court) and they would have been waiting for the ball.

The steps you took worked (except you stayed behind baseline) but if your first step was a full reverse crossover you would have been all the way over there in 1 step much quicker and easier and then you would have had more time to do an adjustment step. Reverse crossovers are great. You can cover a LOT of area with 1 reverse step.

. I suspect you didnt do a split step right? That's why the vid starts after the ball was hit no? cheater.

. You should try to get to the hitting location before the ball gets there. Many ppl get to the hitting location the same time as the ball.

. Look at your feet and body at the end of the vid. You are just about out of the court, feet and body pointing out of the court.
So because your lateral movement and linear stroke up the middle type of shot you have no built in recovery. The whole court is open now and you're in the doubles lane.

So to summarize:
With a split step and a quick step inside the court you would have been able to:
be waiting for the ball in an open stance
take the ball on the rise
hit i/o
have built in recovery because you'd be pushing of the left leg from the end of the open stance hit

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