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Default Strings popped, first time!

Recently I started stringing my own racquets and experimenting with various combinations...
I had an older racquet with nat gut, that played pretty sweet. Then I restrung the crosses to Prince poly, pretty low about 48lb. Result was, WOW! Racquet plaid 3 times better - power was still there (maybe even more), a bit crisper, no string movement at all, mega spin, killer slices, did I say spin yet ?
So there I was, playtesting, just hitting with a friend, warming up for a set. I was having fun like never before, hitting spins, right over my buddy's head (short guy) and trying for more and more... The 15 min into that madness, PING!, the mains gone.
I had a bit left over of the same gut, so I patched the mains. Let's see how long this lasts. Needles to say, I'm addicted to this combo already!
It's never too late for a happy childhood!
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