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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post

I disagree with you sometimes but when you write something like that, well I'd be almost willing to believe Kodes was better than Vines. Notice I wrote almost.

Super post and so true.

Thanks, we all agree on disagreeing from time to time tough most of us share the same vision and pretty similar background.

I honestly think that, in terms of talent, Vines was a better player than Kodes.But look at it the other way; Kodes achieved a lot being less talented than the all time greats and that deserves IMO, great respect and admiration.

Only Laver and Rosewall had a better return, specially off the BH side until Connors arrived.Kodes return could even weak down a gunner like Newcombe or Smith, both terrific servers.probably, only Laver and Rosewall could be, either flashier or steadier, but he got to their level, almost.
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