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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Nadal has had such an excellent career and that is combined with his excellent head-to-heads against his biggest rivals. Federer has the better overall achievements, but has had a losing head-to-head against Nadal since 2005 and also has a losing head-to-head against Murray. Even Djokovic is closer to Federer than Nadal in head-to-head.

I am just stating Nadal's case
Nadal's head to head against federer is misleading because federer almost always makes it far enough to meet nadal in the draw but nadal often doesn't make it far enough to meet federer.

So the times when nadal wasnt playing a great tournament and would likely have lost to federer he doesn't even make it that far.


When Federer is playing a sub par tournament he still makes it to Nadal but then loses.
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