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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
Of course, everyone promotes their favorite string. I guess I'm no different. Tour Bite, PHT, Black Magic, etc. all l had their day around this forum. Granted, PS Energy is probably not for everyone, and I'm absolutely certain it won't work in every frame at every tension. But for me and my playing style, with my frame (and actually a couple other frames that I've tried it in), it's an amazingly awesome string that does practically everything I could ask from it, except for the fast tension loss.

I guess if I strung it up at high tensions and had a different playing style, I might not like PS Energy as much as I currently do. But I'm loving it now and it has gotten rave reviews from a whole lot of people, so it must have *something* going for it.

I'm curious why you didn't think it was all it's cracked up to be?
I was generating far more spin with Lux M2 Pro than with Poly Star Energy or Turbo.

M2 Pro also had a crisper feel to it and better control although it was rendered unplayable after 2 outings.

But Poly Star definitely had the edge on softness.
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