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How is Henin inferior to Venus?
It depends what you value I guess. However when you look at them vs past greats Venus clearly stacks up better. Despite having less overall achievements and 2 fewer slams one could even suggest Venus is better than Seles considering her 9-1 record vs Seles, destroying her and far outclassing her in match after match, which even considering this was Seles past her prime still leads one to wonder how even a prime Seles would manage vs Venus. Meanwhile Seles is 4-3 lifetime vs Henin. All those matches in the early 2000s when Henin was much closer to her prime than Seles, and still she has a losing record. So one could never imagine comparing Henin to someone like Seles, and as Seles is near the bottom of the top 10, that means Henin clearly couldnt be in it. Venus meanwhile could be argued to be as good just based on sheer ability as some of the bottom of the top 10- King, Seles, Connolly, while not being as far behind in achievements as she is compared to Graf, Court, Navratilova, Serena to be completely discounted. In short some would argue Venus as a top 10 player, and nobody would argue Henin as one, which already leads to strong likelihood Venus will end up higher.

Now comparing Venus to Henin directly it depends what you value.

Peak level of play- Venus

Dominance at peak- Henin's 2007 was more dominant than any year Venus had, but Venus had two years she was considered dominant player (2000 and 2001) vs only 1 for Henin. Even

Consistency- Henin probably.

Longevity- Venus by alot.

Versatility- Henin by a bit.

Both have 7 slams and 43 singles titles. However Venus has an amazing doubles career on top of that while Henin has no doubles career of any sort.

Venus has won the Worlds most prestigious tournament 5 times. Henin 0 times.

Their H2H is 7-2 Venus, another huge plus for Venus.

Lastly who will be more remembered 10 years from now. Who did more to impact the game and raise the level of the womens game. That is a no brainer.
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