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Originally Posted by The Bawss View Post
Nishikori is lightyears ahead of friggin Monaco in talent, why isn't he in his place as #10?
Because Monaco wins Clay Titles...those obscure ones. Where it all grind between ranking under top 20. Yes Monaco won a Hard Court title last week....that was with a weak draw.

Nishikori loves the fast surfaces where his ball can get pace where his short build lacks. Tokyo is medium fast surface that suits him.

ATP video....has an awesome point with Nishikori vs Berdych match. That point is the best of the tournament....Nishikori was Rafalike there.

Nishkori will be top ten one and he is as overrated as Milosh. Yet more talented than the other young guys.

I would take Kei over Ryan, Tomic, Sock, Milosh, Dolgopolov and Berankis.
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