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Default Discho Iontec Black 1.20mm / Dunlop S-Gut 17g

Discho Iontec Black 1.20mm / Dunlop S-Gut 17g

Stringing: Easy peasy. If you haven't guessed, I didn't much care for the Nvy cross with the BAM mains. It's brilliant with other polys, but not so with BAM. It just took away too much of the crispness and responsive feel. So instead, I am using another budget but outstanding poly. In the Iontec family, I feel that Iontec Black is the one to use in the mains, and Iontec Salmon is the one to use as a cross for gut. Since this is a mains setup, I decided to cross it with S-Gut 1.22mm in black. Should play softer than the BAM, but it will for sure have superior feel and less of a stiff feedback. Will see in the morning. Strung 47/52lbs
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