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Originally Posted by purple-n-gold View Post
so how long does it take you to snap poly jolly??

Not sure if you are making a reference to jollyroger,........ If you are, this will be the last post I respond to you. If not, my apologies.

Here is my answer:

Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
yea but if can keep the 4G on your racket twice as long as BM then isn't the price differential worth it ?
Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
You can't, they snap at about the same time.

As you could see above, nostradamus is saying if the 4G lasts twice as long, then the cost of it (nearly twice as much) is worth it. I stated you can't, because they snap at about the same time.

I have completed reviews on both strings, and liked both. Both strings have good attributes. However, both strings snapped between the 8-10 hour mark. The 4g did not last 18-20 hours. In fact, although it held it's initial tension better than black magic, it did in fact have a wider tension loss than the black magic, and began losing its attributes before the black magic did.
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