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Well in 2001-2003 Seles and Henin played 7 times. Seles's prime was 1990-1993. Henin's was 2003-2007. So Henin was way closer to her prime than Seles, and Seles still leads the head to head. Also in 2003 they played a match in a fast carpet final and 30 year old Seles in her final year on tour, injured, in pathetic shape, and losing to Koukalova and being killed 0 and 4 by Petrova in her final 2 slams, barely lost a tight 3 setter to Henin, and 2003 is Henin's 2nd best year ever! Based on that evidence I cant see Henin not being owned by prime Seles.
why do I have the feeling that most of their matches happened in the 2000-2002 part of 2000-2003.

Look, even if Henin was close to her prime, she wasn't at her peak. Venus from 2000-2003 WAS at her peak though. It would be fairer if this was old Seles beating Henin from 2006-2007, which was more her actual peak.
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