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why do I have the feeling that most of their matches happened in the 2000-2002 part of 2000-2003.

Look, even if Henin was close to her prime, she wasn't at her peak. Venus from 2000-2003 WAS at her peak though. It would be fairer if this was old Seles beating Henin from 2006-2007, which was more her actual peak.
Actually there were 2 matches in 2001, 3 matches in 2002, and 2 matches in 2003. I did not say Henin was at her peak. I said she was undoubtably much closer to her prime than Seles. Are you disputing that Henin in 2001-2003 was closer to her prime than Seles whose prime basically ended in 1993 when she was stabbed (not saying she would be anywhere near her prime by the 2000s decade anyway, I hugely doubt that, but that is completely aside the point). Lets break it down even more closely though, since you want 2003 emphasized yes PEAK Henin in 2003 (2003, 2007, and maybe 2006 are widely regarded her peakiest years) managed to win both her matches with 30 year old Seles with a chronic bad foot, a decade past her prime, and soon to retire, so congrats. In 2001-2002 when neither was in their prime, but Henin much closer than Seles (again do you dispute that fact, a simple yes or no would suffice) Seles won 4 of 5 matches, the only match Henin managing to win on grass where Seles and Henin were both mediocre, but Seles a bit moreso. Based on that how could one ever think Henin would do much damage to Seles at her 1990-1993 peak.
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