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Good thread, can't believe I missed it first time around.

I serve and volley a lot and I actually call foot faults on myself quite a bit, maybe once every couple of matches. It's pretty clear if I have done it and when I am coming in I have an unfair advantage by gaining the extra step.....I have never had a foot fault called against me I have only called it on myself.

Regarding calling it on others I suspect unless it was blatant I wouldn't notice it unless the opponent was also serve and volleying. If an advantage was being gained I would call it every time, just as I call it on myself. I would not expect it would be a problem against anyone I have played against.

If no advantage is being gained in a recreational match, well I probably wouldn't notice it or would simply let it go. In a league match I agree it is a tough call.

Very interesting to hear other folks take on this difficult situation we all face from time to time.
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